Digital Customer Experience

10 May 2021

4 tips to create a stellar digital customer experience

Competition for customers has changed, especially in the past decade, and so has the demand for the best customer experience. Businesses have been competing for customers based on the quality of the customer experience in addition to the quality of the product itself. Today, this shift presents itself in the digital customer experience field.

Customers are increasingly gauging the quality of the experience alongside the quality of the product: how long does it take to get what they want? How many hoops do they have to jump through? These are the new benchmarks as to how your brand is perceived by customers.

The name of the game is simplicity. The only way to be a winner in this digital world is to make the experiences simple and take advantage of the opportunities of an increasingly bigger digital audience.

In this case, simplicity is synonymous with ease. Your brand needs to be available anytime, anywhere, quick, easy, and simple. This, in turn, grants you more customer satisfaction, more loyal customers that will stick around longer and recommend you to their family and friends on social media, and increase your brand awareness even further.

We’ve put together four tips that’ll help you boost your digital customer experience in an increasingly digital world.

1. Provide a proactive customer experience

Customer service and customer experience are two sides of the same coin. Monitor your brand’s online presence and respond to any complaint or comment you receive as if they are customer service requests. Reaching out to customers to solve their problems sends a powerful message: we’re there for you.

Tracking social media is a must for increasing the quality of your digital customer experience. Let your users know that you’re 100% behind your product and willing to go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Doing this publicly will greatly increase your loyal customer base and attract prospective customers to your brand. We’ve touched on the importance of social media customer service in our blog before, which you can find here.

2. Be available at any time

Customers want everything to be as fast as possible. A quick response from a customer service rep can drastically improve the overall customer experience.

A 24/7 approach to customer service is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than a nice thing to have. If you’re in the business of providing a global service, your customer support needs to go global as well, and this means you need to be available around the clock. Making customers in need waiting until the opening hours will make them question why they’re in business with you. Remember, if you don’t provide 24/7 customer support, someone else will.

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3. Use every channel available

Be it social media, messaging apps, or a live chat widget on your website, let your users choose what channel they want to use to get in touch with you. Combine this with 24/7 customer support and show your users how responsive your customer service team can be.

Maintaining an active presence on social media grants your brand a lively image. Most social media users check their timelines at least once a day, so you want to remind your customers that your brand is as active as they are. This will drive more engagement to your accounts and drive more business towards you.

4. Embrace the omnichannel strategy

When utilizing multiple channels to communicate with your customers, let them move the conversation to another channel seamlessly. For example, after a customer reaches out to you on social media (or you reach out to one), you want the conversation to continue on another channel like WhatsApp or e-mail without the customer having to explain the issue to you all over again.

The best way to do this to eliminate siloing where every department has their own separate data sources and ways of interaction. When you have a unified system with every part of your business is interconnected, you can provide support to your customers in a more streamlined and hassle-free fashion.

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When organizations put together a customer experience based on digital channels, they benefit from it by expanding their loyal customer base and enjoy new customers. Additionally, all these digital interactions allow brands to have constant feedback from their customers, allowing them to respond to their needs immediately.

If you need a one-stop solution for all of the above, visit and give it a spin for free and see how Desk360’s powerful CRM tools can help you carry your brand to new heights.

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