10 December 2020

Social media and the impact of providing good customer service

Assessing the impact of good social media customer service and exploring the potential rewards of a strong social media presence is golden to businesses. Social media has transformed the way we communicate, distribute information, and create content, and even context. Through the years since its...

What is the customer lifecycle and how to manage it

10 July 2022

What is the customer lifecycle and how to manage it

Customer experience is more than just generating sales or gaining new consumers for organizations. To boost client lifetime value, the top firms establish effective communication with their consumers. This contact is built on a mutually beneficial foundation. That's why businesses are always trying...

Change management doesn’t always have to be stressful!

21 June 2022

Change management doesn’t always have to be stressful!

Businesses sometimes need to adjust to new situations and landscapes for a variety of reasons. This could imply implementing new technologies into corporate flows. It could also be the launch of a new product or a business move. Failure to successfully execute the change management can potentially...

Diyalog Bazlı Pazarlama: Diyalog Yoluyla Müşteri Deneyimi

10 June 2022

Conversational Marketing: CX Through Dialogue

We are surrounded by marketing in one form or another every day. As the number of service providers expands, so does the level of competition between them. There has been a shift in how businesses are promoting themselves in the general arena of marketing. One of those ways is conversational...

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