5 use cases and applications for WhatsApp chatbots

10 May 2022

5 use cases and applications for WhatsApp chatbots

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. It has amassed 1 billion new users between 2016 and 2020. Every day, 1 million new users join WhatsApp. On the iPhone, it’s accessible in over 40 languages. And on Android, it’s available in up to 60. Companies of all sizes utilize the platform to efficiently communicate with their customers all over the world, thanks to its broad reach, user-friendly design, and safe end-to-end encryption. And as a result, WhatsApp chatbots have quickly gained popularity.

WhatsApp chatbots are convenient ways to connect with prospective or active customers. They can provide order confirmations, resolve issues and answer booking and billing-related questions. Not only that, intelligent AI-powered bots can determine the context of the discussion. That way, they can deliver relevant responses. And It’s clear that they not only improve consumer engagement but also develop brand loyalty.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 use cases for WhatsApp chatbots in customer service and uncover their benefits.

1. Make instant customer service available for your customers

Customer expectations grew to such levels that they expect rapid responses to questions. Because there is a multitude of communication platforms and technologies. If customers don’t receive an immediate answer, they could lose interest. This can lead them to switch over to the next company that responds quicker. WhatsApp chatbots are built to handle all types of customer needs, from general inquiries to complaints. They can also handle new orders, process refunds, and help with post-sale and post-support follow-ups.

Customer service is a crucial yet time-consuming part of day-to-day operations for many businesses. Organizations can save time and let the staff focus on other business-related tasks by automating responses to customer requests and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Where the chatbot cannot assist the customer, it can re-direct the request to agents. This allows agents to handle fewer questions while providing customers with the information they’re looking for. So briefly, WhatsApp chatbots will serve as your virtual representatives that don’t sleep.

2. Promote tailored experiences through the use of analytics

The days are gone when customers were primarily interested in purchasing high-quality goods or services. They now also expect to have a pleasant shopping experience. Because of this, there is a rising desire for a more individualized approach to the customer base in today’s landscape.

In addition to this, WhatsApp chatbots provide a more individualized experience for your customers. And they can be used to analyze various types of client data. That can be location, device type, the length of chat sessions, and other variables. Having access to this information enables bots to have more context-driven conversations. And besides, it can improve customer happiness.

3. Alerts and notifications for WhatsApp chatbots

Notifications that are brief and to the point are a crucial tool for businesses. However, emails are frequently ignored, and as a result, time-sensitive notifications may go unread. WhatsApp chatbots make easier to send immediate messages to consumers such as appointment reminders, reduced offer information, or event notifications.

Additionally, the meteoric growth in webinars has precipitated the requirement for such quick warnings and notifications to be broadcast to a large audience. WhatsApp chatbots may even be taught to answer inquiries about the event. That will inform people about the place and the schedule of the event.

And the pandemic is another example that demonstrates the significance of such timely warnings. During the past two years, the government and hospitals were able to use WhatsApp chatbots to provide vaccine registration confirmation as well as schedules and rescheduling information. The bots also allow for the delivery of other time-sensitive messages, such as test results.

4. Quick request resolution with WhatsApp chatbots

Customers who frequent modern businesses expect an immediate response from them. This is true for essentially every vertical, including retail, finance, and even logistics. When you provide immediate support, they feel that they’re valuable to your business. This, in turn, reinforces their loyalty to you. Today, customers can have a lot of questions regarding your company’s offering, whether it be a product or service.

Imagine that you own a website that allows people to reserve hotel rooms. The normal hotel costs, bookings, accepted payment methods, refund policy, and other topics are likely to be at the top of your customers’ lists when it comes to frequently asked questions (FAQs). But there may also be others. Let’s imagine you don’t reply to them in a timely manner. Then, you may lose a portion of your userbase most probably.

So at this point, WhatsApp chatbots will prove invaluable. It lets you automate FAQs and create individualized flows for each step of the dialogue. You can also automate your cross-selling process with WhatsApp bots, which eliminates the need for any kind of human participation.

5. Omni-channel capabilities

Users should be able to enjoy a tailored omnichannel experience while interacting with chatbots. In order to provide an exceptional experience for its users, the chatbots are built with the capability of working concurrently across a number of different digital platforms. Businesses can build customer loyalty and reputation by offering effective solutions via omnichannel channels. Because they can enhance their operational efficiency and save a significant amount of money.

Last but not least, chatbots are a fantastic tool for making communication channels more enjoyable. Moving things online may be helpful not only to customers but also to businesses. Customers and businesses alike can reap the rewards of an omnichannel approach. It’s possible for online actions to be completed quicker and cheaper. In today’s digital transition, the optimization of both time and costs bears critical importance.


In conclusion, chatbots are excellent tools for enhancing the overall support quality of your business. They can lower operational expenses and make the lives of customer support agents simpler. Visit our website here for further information on WhatsApp chatbots. Simply send us a message if you want additional information on how to acquire a WhatsApp Business Account for your organization to go with your chatbot. Desk360 is eager and ready to be of assistance to you in this matter.

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