Chatbot Software: A New Era in Customer Support

10 October 2021

Chatbot Software: A New Era in Customer Support

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence are significantly transforming how business is done and chatbot software technologies are increasingly becoming an everyday part of customer service. In this blog post, we’ll delve into chatbots and their wide range of uses for your business. So, what exactly is a chatbot, who can make the most out of what they’re offering, and what are the advantages of using them? We’ll answer these questions and touch on the critical aspects of deploying chatbots and how to utilize them in the best possible way.

According to a Business Insider study, 45 percent of customers don’t mind interacting with a human representative or a chatbot as long as the service is effective, accurate, and quick. Whether you own a flower shop, an online retailer, or something in between, a chatbot is a great tool that can capture your customers’ attention at the perfect time and deliver the right message.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a piece of software that communicates with users via a chat interface and is powered by rules or artificial intelligence, or, it can make use of both. Chatbot software can be fed scripted rules or questions that have been prepared ahead of time. Or, with the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, they can be improved in a multitude of ways to recognize the context of the conversation and take care of commonly asked questions. Only if they can’t help the customer using the pre-defined answers, they can elevate the issue to a live support agent, reducing their workload significantly.

What businesses can make the most out of chatbot software?

No matter if you run a niche jewelry business or a big retail business or anything in between, you’ll find an aspect of chatbots that can help you run your business better and more effectively.

– If you operate on a global scale and serve a multi-lingual audience, chatbots can handle the numerous languages you’ll have to use while providing support to a global audience. The language support of a chatbot alone is a big help when it comes to doing business across multiple regions and cultures.

– If your business has an active presence on social media, using a chatbot software to automatically reply to messages is a godsend. Not only it lightens the burden on your support staff, but it also ensures that no messages are left unanswered and they’re replied to in a quick manner.

– Offering round-the-clock support is a tall order, and not many companies do it since it requires more resources and longer hours. Chatbots, however, can chat with multiple customers all at once and they never sleep. This makes chatbots a prime candidate for offering 24/7 support to your customers.

– Businesses that are looking to cut costs in these difficult times. While chatbots can’t compete with real support staff, they can be helpful in lightening their workloads significantly by handling the most common problems and forwarding only the most urgent and severe issues to your support staff.

The chatbot software for WhatsApp

WhatsApp chatbots bring together two major trends: WhatsApp and chatbots. Sounds simple, but it has significant implications for businesses all around the world.

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging platform, with over 2 billion users around the globe and across generations. It’s also growing in importance as a channel for customer communication. In 2020, WhatsApp Business grew to have 50 million members, ten times more than the previous year. Chatbots are gaining popularity in a similar way. Chatbot assistants, according to Gartner, cut phone, chat, and email queries by 70%. They are beneficial to companies in all verticals in more ways than one.

Bots have already made a name for themselves on other digital platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and chat widgets on websites, but they are still at the beginning stages of their journey on WhatsApp. One of the reasons for this is that WhatsApp’s commercial use contrasts with the app’s original aim of talking to friends and relatives, which is why WhatsApp was reluctant to allow businesses to have a presence on the platform in the past. But that has changed over the last couple of years.

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018, companies can now use WhatsApp Business API to integrate their chatbots and start supporting their customers through the platform. And since its inception, it has been gaining popularity at a fast pace. This is why companies are increasingly hopping onto the platform for their chatbot and human support needs at an increasing rate.

In closing…

Chatbots are a great way to make the lives of your support staff easier and lower your operating costs while improving your overall support quality. To learn more about chatbots, check us out at To get more information on how to get a WhatsApp Business Account for your company, all you need to do is to apply by clicking this link. We at Desk360 will be delighted to help you out.

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