How to provide customer support over WhatsApp Business

21 March 2022

How to provide customer support over WhatsApp Business

Sometimes your customers need to contact you about an issue or they might want to ask a simple question. Likewise, you may also need to inform them about the services or products they have purchased from you. In comparison to other channels, WhatsApp Business delivers a more professional and speedier support experience.

Every day, over 175 million users use WhatsApp to send messages to businesses where they purchase services or products.

From the moment a consumer makes a purchase, you can use WhatsApp to turn them into brand ambassadors. WhatsApp offers an opportunity to boost message traffic by sending personalized content to each customer, improve workflows by providing sales and customer service via WhatsApp, and take your company to the next level in terms of customer satisfaction.

Build relationships with your customers via WhatsApp Business

You can instantly respond to messages from your users and answer inquiries with one click using your own pre-defined responses for frequently asked questions with Desk360’s WhatsApp API service. This is a great way to reduce turnaround times and avoid keeping your consumers waiting.

Add a WhatsApp icon to your website

Your customers may not always know how to contact you or even that you have a WhatsApp line. Allow them to contact you with a single click using an icon on your website. This will let them know that you provide support via WhatsApp Business. Let customers know exactly how to contact you, and let them use the familiar WhatsApp interface.

Send updates and notifications

Start the conversation with your customers by sending message templates via WhatsApp Business. Send notifications about your current policies, changes in their orders, or canceled reservations. Bring all of your communication to WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging network on the planet.

Use QR codes for your WhatsApp Business account

Add QR codes to your social media posts, deliveries, and other media to redirect your customers to your WhatsApp line.

Turn WhatsApp into a sales channel

Place a WhatsApp button on your advertising posts. That way, your customers can buy the things you’re promoting on social media. Or you can send them a WhatsApp message to do so. Convert the shopping cart you built for your consumers into a link, send it to them, and let them make a purchase with ease.

Choose a partner that suits your workflows

WhatsApp Business with an API is required for medium and large businesses that deal with a high message volume. This is due to the WhatsApp API service’s capability to be integrated into customer service processes, allowing it to support multiple devices and users. Businesses that use Desk360 for this service can integrate WhatsApp into their workflows and provide customer support and sales services via WhatsApp. To learn more, head on over to our website to check out our feature list, or just drop us a line at if you have any questions.

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