The many benefits of using a Mobile Chat SDK

10 September 2021

The many benefits of using a Mobile Chat SDK

Is it absolutely necessary to include an instant messaging option in your app? Whether you see it or not, most of your customers nowadays expect timely responses to their questions. Although email customer support is still available, most consumers expect companies to have an instant messaging platform within the app so they can reach out and receive responses in real-time. With Mobile Chat SDK, you’ll be able to provide your customers the ability to communicate with you in real-time. That way, your business will be able to quickly build a community that trusts and supports you. Many customers trust businesses with a messaging platform because they know that they can always contact someone from the company.

The absolute necessity of live chat in your apps and websites

By 2040, it is expected that 95 percent of purchases would be completed online. Because the number of consumers who choose online is growing, your competition will surely get on the bandwagon as well. To gain an edge in the competition, you’ll have to employ the best methods for increasing sales and engaging customers. If you want to provide the best service available and drive more sales, Mobile Chat SDK supporting live chat is a game-changer. Customers who interact with a brand via live chat are nearly three times more likely to complete a transaction. Furthermore, live chat has the highest degree of customer satisfaction (73%) in contrast to 61 percent for email and 44 percent for the phone.

Three sectors, many benefits


When a potential customer is perusing your website, things might not go according to plan. Prospective customers may find your website difficult to use and be unable to find what they’re looking for easily. They may simply be too preoccupied to sift through the pages, as it happens with most e-commerce sites offering a lot of items. Others will discover that switching to another website is easier than calling or sending an email. Mobile Chat SDK and live chat support help eliminate these possibilities. So, what is the significance of this? People make purchasing decisions in a matter of seconds. One swift response to a customer’s concern about shipping prices might seal the deal.

This also impacts the number of sales your website/app drives. Customers can easily ask about return policies, how to locate a product, and other topics in physical stores. On the internet, things are a little bit different. Customers seeking information are frequently left to their own devices, having to navigate FAQ pages or wading through a wall of complex terms and conditions. In contrast, support is instantaneous through a live chat channel. It enables you to provide assistance to each website visitor, ensuring that they are never left stranded on your site. Customers feel more at ease about buying when they know they’re only a click away from interacting with them live.

Travel apps/websites

Clients go to travel apps to find the best vacation bargains and the most popular destinations. They can obtain a wealth of information regarding lodging, food, flights, motels, and transportation options. Customers may get overwhelmed by the number of options available due to the expanding number of online travel options. Many customers will have specific preferences, and they will leave apps where they are unable to discover the information they need.

Customers may have strong doubts about visiting foreign countries. They could be regarding your company’s travel insurance coverage, other nations’ visa laws, or the documentation required for overseas travel. Vacationers may also be interested in learning about currency exchange rates, lodging options and local transportation. Using Mobile Chat SDK allows your representatives to quickly respond to any questions or concerns of clients. You can also respond to their questions about your company’s seasonal specials. By responding quickly, you show your customers that you are available to assist them whenever they need it. This has a significant impact on the customer’s purchasing choice.


Financial products, unlike retail products, are rarely purchased with a single click of the “buy now” button. People are still unwilling to devote a significant amount of time and effort to investigate your website. If a web visitor becomes stuck during the application process, the chat button allows them to contact you in a matter of seconds, without having to switch channels.

Many banks and other financial institutions now promote the usage of live chat by including it as a Mobile Chat SDK. In contrast to phone support’s dreaded option menus (think Al Bundy calling Dodge), live chat lets you include a nice routing menu in the chat window. Allowing your customers to select the most appropriate topic or department expedites the process and connects them with a qualified service representative right away.

Creating multiple Chat Widgets that enable communication with certain support teams is another technique to send consumers to the proper department. If a customer approaches you from the login area, for example, he/she will be directed to an account manager. The customer will be routed to a sales representative if the communication is sent from a public site. If the question is beyond the scope of the service agent’s knowledge, the conversation can be seamlessly elevated and passed across agents, teams, and departments. When the chat is forwarded, the new support rep sees the previous documentation, so the client doesn’t have to repeat everything that’s been said so far.

In short…

These are just a fraction of the benefits you and your company will enjoy if you adopt a Mobile Chat SDK in your app. Needless to say, live chat support is becoming a must in this day and age, regardless of your company’s nature.

Integrating live chat is a great way to make the lives of your support staff easier and lower your operating costs while improving your overall support quality. To learn more about our live chat and Mobile Chat SDK solutions, go to our website. We at Desk360 would be delighted to help you out.

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