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21 January 2022

Customer experience in e-commerce, fully explained

For decades, e-commerce has been a burgeoning market. Buying things online has gotten a boost as a result of Covid-19 outbreak. It has become a staple in our lives as it now plays a much larger role than ever. There is a lot of competition in e-commerce, and it will only become fiercer in the future. Customer experience in e-commerce is still critical in luring customers away from your competitors. And it’s more important than ever for your bottom line.

What’s more important is that you provide an exceptional experience in e-commerce because consumers have high expectations. If you don’t provide them with a stellar shopping experience, online buyers won’t hesitate to look somewhere else.

What is customer experience in e-commerce?

Customers establish opinions about a company’s worth based on their interactions with it, whether they occur in-store, online, or over the phone.

In the e-commerce space, a company’s ability to communicate with its customers has a big impact on their future decisions. The customer experience in e-commerce is a wide term that encompasses all phases of the funnel: from the moment they first hear about your brand, interact and purchase your products and services, and to the moment they actively decide to quit frequenting your online storefront and go somewhere else.

Why is customer experience so important in the e-commerce space?

It’s no surprise that excellent customer service is critical to a company’s success. And for many business owners, one of the most difficult aspects is that a terrible customer experience in e-commerce is often far more memorable than a great one. If your clients have a negative experience, they’ll most likely remember it when they want to buy something from you. And in such a competitive market, they won’t have to look far to find businesses that provide a better experience.

Because they don’t have the opportunity to meet with customers in person, online brands must establish trust in a variety of methods. It’s only in this manner that they will be able to build and maintain client loyalty. This will keep visitors coming back to you rather than to competitors.

Personalization is an important factor in establishing trust and loyalty online. After all, more than 75% of consumers desire a more personalized shopping experience when they shop. Although you and your customers can’t be in the same physical space, like in a store, it doesn’t mean that you can’t offer a highly personalized and casual shopping experience online. This means you need a way to communicate with them reliably and on their terms.

The role of customer service

Providing exceptional customer service has been an absolute necessity for businesses in the e-commerce and consumer-oriented services industries, regardless of the channels they support their customers through. This multichannel approach is quite successful, as firms prefer having a presence on social media and messaging platforms. Connecting with customers through these channels is highly advantageous for customer satisfaction in the long term.

WhatsApp Business is set to be the top channel for customer care in 2022. Customers expect businesses to be accessible and reachable through all channels available to them, not just the traditional ones like email and phone. Without the use of social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, the most extensively used instant messaging app in the world, providing a comprehensive and smooth customer service has become almost impossible.

Here are three reasons why you should incorporate WhatsApp to your customer service arsenal:

WhatsApp makes it quite simple for both sides to communicate with one another. The casual nature of it allows customers to take pleasure in it (and not feel rushed or inconvenienced). Businesses can unify all departments to eliminate siloing and give the fastest experience for each of their customers.

– Instead of wasting time searching for alternate support channels, users may utilize WhatsApp to contact a company straight away. That way, they can get immediate assistance. This is very useful for letting your users know that you are always available for them. In conjunction with this, the ability to communicate with businesses through the messaging platform that they are most familiar with and use in their everyday lives is very appealing to customers. This is hardly surprising given the fact that there are over 2 billion WhatsApp users around the world.

– With WhatsApp, integrating an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot is a breeze. The use of chatbots can reduce the number of phone, chat, and email inquiries by as much as 70%. They are beneficial to companies in all verticals in more ways than one. When combined with WhatsApp’s global reach, chatbots make things easier and faster for both customers and businesses alike.

Try Desk360 for the best customer experience in e-commerce

It’s no longer an option to provide an interesting e-commerce customer experience; it’s a requirement. As more people shop online, the demands placed on customer experience are increasing. Companies who seek to improve their customer experience see a rise in revenue, according to 84 percent of them. So a good customer service is integral to a good customer experience, especially in this day and age. You can provide a more personalized customer experience in e-commerce if you choose the right channels to suit customers’ needs. And in 2022, WhatsApp customer service is the channel you cannot do without.

If you’re in need of a support solution and a WhatsApp Business account provider, you’re at the right place. Desk360 can meet your company’s every need and supply you with a reputable WhatsApp Business account. To learn more, visit our website to check out our feature list, or just drop us a line.

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