21 February 2021

Onedio: 360-degree customer support

Burak Arığ, the product manager of Trivia SuperStars and Oyna Kazan, says Oyna Kazan is geared towards the Turkish market and Trivia SupersStars is available worldwide. They both are trivia games offering real money prizes. These trivia games are held at certain times, so every problem that customers might experience must be resolved quickly. This calls for multilingual support capabilities as the app operates on a global scale and in different languages.

The team started using Desk360 at this point and they now provide 360-degree support to all users in all channels. On top of this, the team is able to respond to customer messages faster than ever before thanks to the next generation inbox where all messages are gathered on a single interface. After integrating their channels easily and with minimal effort, the Onedio team started using the Desk360 platform and now offers premium support to its users in 40 different languages.

You too can manage all support requests by integrating your preferred communication channels and provide support to your users worldwide in 40 languages with the Desk360 platform. Offer your customers 360-degree support with Desk360 today.

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